Butterflies in the Darndest Places

The Internet can be the most interesting, enjoyable, useful, frustrating, confusing place in the world. Using last night as an example, i will illustrate my point.

I spent the early hours of the night working on the Internet to do research on my academic studies by simply typing terms into Google Scholar, which allowed me, within minutes, to catch up on a 50-year history of research on functional fixedness, (a human tendency which prevents us from finding innovative uses for things) without having to get into my car and visit the library. Interesting and useful.

I then spent the later hours of the evening working over the Internet with my colleague Kevin getting this web site up and running for the start of the Taming the Butterfly game. Enjoyable and useful.

Late in the evening, however, I received a phone call from a friend who wanted to know why we had posted this video on our company’s YouTube page:

Frustrating and Confusing. Why? Because we were not the ones who posted the video. Rather, some person had hacked into our YouTube account and posted it without our knowledge.

But on some level this was interesting (once i had gone in and reset our passwords to prevent her from hacking in again), because apparently the hacker had taken our “Taming the Butterfly” future of Bloomington theme and did us one better by pretending she is actually from the future.  It was also a little useful because it got me thinking more specifically about what a person from the future might think.  We’ve actually decided to leave the video up for now so that you can see it for yourself.

About christian briggs

Co-founder of SociaLens and PhD student. Former New Englander and Hoosier wanna-be.
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11 Responses to Butterflies in the Darndest Places

  1. Kevin Makice says:

    Maybe this is just a subtle hint that we need more content of our own on that YouTube account. 😉

  2. david111780 says:

    Intriguing… I wonder what motivated this person to hack your account and then post it. Do you know how they got access to it?

  3. christian briggs says:

    It seemed like a benign and even playful hack, so she was probably motivated by the fun of hacking itself. We’re not sure how she gained access, but i have changed our password to be more secure just to be sure.

  4. Jennifer borland says:

    Hmm…”time rope” = newest craze in time travel?

  5. Kevin Makice says:

    It’s for double-dutch with Einstein and Hawking.

  6. christian briggs says:

    I did not. Until just now. Weird. I suppose the hacker could have gotten our user names/passwords from some local list? If so, she’s pretty good, whoever she is.

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  8. craig harvey says:

    I dunno, she seems pretty agitated and very knowledgeable. Perhaps she is from the future and has an important message for us. Unless you keep using your dogs name for a password 😉

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