Dorthea Back Online and Thinking About Humanity

It looks like Dorthea is okay, but she has some thoughts for our teams in Bloomington 2011:

It seems as though she is asking for us to think about two things:

  1. How is humanity defined by our actions?
  2. What kinds of behavior and communication patterns have developed in your groups?

How is humanity defined by our actions?

Philosophers and theologians have debated the nature of humanity and reality for millenia. Do we exist because we think? Is there an essential “human” nature? Is “human” a socially constructed idea? Whatever you believe, i would like to suggest that for now we try on the simple but profound glasses of Forrest Gump, who suggested that “Stupid is as stupid does” or the similarly simple but profound lenses of┬áJimmie Dodd and Doreen, who suggest that “Beauty is as beauty does.” (i know there are more high-minded versions of this concept, but i thought it would be entertaining to use these)

In other words, humans are what we do. And extending that to the premise of this game, humans might be not only the things we do today, but also what those things we do cause in the future. Assuming for a moment that this is true, what does that mean for us today? Right now?

What kinds of behavior and communication patterns have developed?

Communication is critical to getting things done with other people. Take it away and the ability to get things done goes with it. Improve it, and the ability of two, ten, hundreds or thousands of people to create better outcomes improves too.

Most often, communication patterns emerge out of people’s everyday interactions, as they develop their own norms for how to work together. Occasionally we solidify these norms into spoken or written rules. What are some of the effective or ineffective patterns that you have seen emerging in your teams?

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