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The things that happen before our game kicks off on May 5.

Our Future Hacker is Persistent

For the fourth time in past several weeks, a local YouTube member has awoken to a new video in their stream, one they didn’t create. The latest was discovered by Chris Eller (@ceeller) earlier today: Although the YouTube videos are … Continue reading

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Keep May 5th Open

Christian and I are ramping up the planning for our alternate reality game (ARG), Taming of the Butterfly. We’ve encountered a wrinkle we’re trying to iron out, but the big logistics are starting to be confirmed. For everyone who has … Continue reading

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Stranger and Stranger

Our hacker has struck again. At the end of last week, the Visit Bloomington group tweeted that an odd video had suddenly appeared in their YouTube account: Hacker video #3 (courtesty Visit Bloomington) This follows two other incidents where this … Continue reading

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Another Hack

Earlier this week, local techie and future host of TEDx Bloomington, Sarah Smith-Robins, found a video on her YouTube channel that shouldn’t have been there. This is clearly the work of the same person or group that got us earlier … Continue reading

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The ’80s and the ’40s

A couple of timely items popped up out of my information stream recently: a book, and a game. The blog GeekDad reviewed a book by David Sirota, Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Darndest Places

The Internet can be the most interesting, enjoyable, useful, frustrating, confusing place in the world. Using last night as an example, i will illustrate my point. I spent the early hours of the night working on the Internet to do … Continue reading

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Why We’re Taming Butterflies

The name of this game refers to the “butterfly effect,” a concept popularized by the 2004 movie of the same name in which small actions (like a butterfly flapping its wings) have big effects later on through a chain of … Continue reading

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