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1986 was miserable

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11:01 am
April 7, 2011



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My mother had been diagnosed with cancer and would be dead within two years. My parents' marriage was at a low point. My young marriage was failing. Life in Terre Haute was smothering me. I convinced my husband to split the distance towards Bloomington so I could enter grad school at IU (hello miniscule, dreary, basement apartment in Vandalia). I did all my coursework in a year (squeaking by and taking 400 level courses when I could) but at the end, I couldn't force myself to write my thesis. I'm sure I was clinically depressed, but could neither convince my husband to pay for therapy for me, nor could afford it on my own. Within a year, I'd get a clerical job and crappy little apartment in Bloomington and leave my husband.

Today I have a marriage so healthy and connected that it astonishes me, even after 12+ years. I have two beautiful, intelligent, geeky sons who adore each other and both of their parents. We're healthy, both physically and emotionally. We have a comfortable, spacious, sunny house. We love living in Bloomington and fully feel at home here. We both have fulfilling work to do that enriches the world and that we feel passionate about. We're not materially rich, but we trust that the value we add to the world will give us proper returns in time.

I saw a photo recently of my ex-husband's family, celebrating his parents' wedding anniversary. I know I look 20 years younger than my age-peers in that family, easily!  My life is so much happier now than it was then, it's almost unrecognizable.


1:44 pm
May 3, 2011

Kevin Makice

Bloomington, Indiana


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A good argument for looking forward during troubling times. How important is it for one to believe is a better future in order to survive the present?

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