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Yep, I'm old.


4:21 pm
April 9, 2011



posts 3


Reading the variety of responses to this question, I'm reminded of myself 20+ years ago, out on a date with an older guy.  We had a bottle of wine with dinner, and I read the label to see the vintage year, then asked him "What were you doing in 1979?"  He thought a few moments, said, "Let's see, I had my farm, my son was a toddler, I remember carrying him around on my shoulders … Why do you ask?"

"1979 was the year I graduated high school."

At the time, I just thought it was amusing. Now that I'm reading all the 20-somethings' responses to your original question and I'm on the other side of that age equation, I realize that that probably wasn't the hottest question I'd ever asked on a date!

And despite the facts that I just acknowledged my age (to anyone who can add and make an educated guess about how old a high school grad would be), and I referred to myself as "old" in the topic name … I just don't *feel* that old. At least as long as I'm not comparing my 20-something-self with others' toddler-selves or elementary-age-selves.

Relative. It's all relative. Or maybe I should say "vintage."

2:48 pm
April 11, 2011

Kevin Makice

Bloomington, Indiana


posts 49


Vintage is perfect. Vintage things are usually worth more, so we're glad you are on board with this project.

8:34 am
April 13, 2011

christian briggs

Bloomington, IN


posts 71


Vintage is a great word for it. I think i'm going to start using that word in my course descriptions to entice students to take my class. "Taught by vintage instructor.."


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